January 18, 2019 crahmanti-admin


After a couple days of rest and reflection…my heart is so full. How beautiful to see all of the love, wonder, gratitude, curiosity and inspiration pouring in from people’s experience at Bend Design .

Standing at the after party, exhausted, looking around the room…standing with a room full of creative powerful people…. we are so powerful! How wonderful to remember that!

That concentration/intensity of creative thinking, abilities, we can truly move mountains. I was/am in awe and so happy…after 7 months of intense work…how amazing to look around the room and see all of you.

My deepest gratitude…

What an amazing opportunity, what an amazing group…what an amazing moment in time that I will never forget. You are all so beautiful.

I am humbled so be apart of BND DSGN…thank you René Mitchell and Martha Murray for including me.

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