Spotlight on Animator Gary Tussey

 photo by  Alexis Campanis


How did you get your start in animation?

I first used a copy of 3DStudio3 and also CAD in around 1994 – I was 16.  From an early age I had an interest in art and drawing but also had a lot of mechanical and technical skills learned from working on cars, drafting with pencil and paper and being a wood shop nerd reading plans and thinking in 3D. After graduating high school turned down a couple TINY tennis scholarships and went to the Art Institute and that was that.

My first professional animation position was at a small animation and tech company doing 3D content for – Medical, Aerospace, and Transportation for the military.  I created a lot of award winning medical animation back in the early days of 3D. Later in 2010 we won an Emmy for a 3D Commercial I animated called ‘Globeology’.
Medical animation history 


What is “Globology”
It was a 30s regional TV spot made in 2009 to market a new Exhibit at the Wildlife Experience Museum called ‘Globeology’
This is the commercial

Where do you go for inspiration?
EVERYWHERE – I am a passionate person in general I love to try new things and I do it mostly without fear.  Most of my inspiration comes directly from each client’s and their project requirements. I help them as their partner to fulfill the goals of the project.  When something is 100% my own idea, that’s when actual fear does set in.


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