March 25, 2019 crahmanti-admin

Cutting Through

I used to dance with this sword…there is still blue paint on the hilt from the last time I performed on a stage in San Francisco.  It’s balanced in the middle to sit perfectly on my head. Correct alignment. strong spine, energy extending from the top of my head through the bottom of my feet, a perfect line.

Dance is all about the line, the extended gesture made in space that continues to echo into the next movement. This sword now sits in the corner of my office to remind me of where I’ve come from, what initially sparked my passion and drive for expression, what connected me to my life in a deep and meaningful way.

All of my life I have surrounded my self with the symbol of the sword…jewelry, apocalyptic angels, hats, paintings and Sufi history.  I am taking stock of where I have been, how I have changed, what I have learned.

I keep coming back to this moment in time, dancing with a sword on my head.  I know this is the true me…I’ve tried on so many outward faces to find approval in the world, to make money, to find my tribe, like a large outward radiating circle of experiences I explored the world. The echo of my past has returned and I am calling out to myself again…but this time the message that comes back, is “come home to yourself”.  Come back to this person you let go so many years ago…now armed with courage, wisdom, strength, skill and truth.  The sword of truth, the object I danced with so many years ago has now become the way. 

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