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Crahmanti is a design collective. We work with our clients to develop and execute on their visual identities, strategies, and collateral. Our specialties include graphic design, motion graphics, and exhibit design. In addition to performing all of these services in-house, we maintain a deep bench of content and technology freelancers who can lend their copywriting, editing, content strategy, IA, coding, and programming expertise as needed.

Before Crahmanti, Heather Crank founded Crank Design, a boutique art & design collective, in 2003. In the decade that followed, Crank Design flourished and expanded. To make its services even more robust and differentiated, Heather Crank teamed up with Greg Amanti in 2014. This collaboration inspired the duo to start fresh with a new brand. A portmanteau of Crank and Amanti, Crahmanti was born.


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The People

Heather Crank

Heather Crank
Heather Crank is an award-winning visual artist and designer, who is equally comfortable and successful in the worlds of fine art and business. Her films have been showcased at the Guggenheim, SUPERNOVA Animation Festival and RESFest, and her clients have included firms in the tech, motion picture, music, and educational spaces. Highly versatile and skilled, her specialties include motion design, and graphic design. Heather holds a BFA in graphic design from the California College of Arts, and is a recipient of the Adobe Achievement Award.


Greg Amanti
Greg Amanti is a master mold maker, stone carver, furniture designer, and critically acclaimed artist and artisan. Greg has worked and trained at the two largest foundries on both coasts, and assisted some of the most well-known contemporary artists, including Kiki Smith. His own work (gregoryamanti.com) has garnered much attention, as well, including exhibitions at the Fort Collins Museum of Contemporary Art, Hinterland Art Space, the Miami Photo Salon during Art Basel and Redline Contemporary Art Center. As versatile as he is successful, Greg was awarded the "Photographers Forum Award of Excellence," and is also the founder of Eighty Split Studios, a furniture design and art studio.


Gary Tussey
Gary Tussey is an Emmy award-winning animator/director with a diverse set of skills. His work has been seen everywhere from the digital billboards in NYC Time Square, to national television. After cutting his animator teeth working as a medical animator on behalf of all four branches of the military, he went on to work in the private tech sector. Eventually he moved on, and began creating regional TV commercials. His repertoire expanded to also include graphics packages and show opens for multiple TV series. After finally making the jump into full-time freelance, his creativity and work ethic took the driver’s seat, creating world class advertising and marketing creative for top ad firms in the US. With passion and a DIY mentality, Gary has the deep insight into the needs of clients, and helps to effectively solve the thorniest of creative problems. His specialties include: directing, motion graphic design, 2d/3d animation, photography, video, F/X compositing, and illustration. Gary holds an associate’s degree in Computer animation from the Art Institute and has worked in his industry for almost two decades. He is honored and inspired to join the Crahmanti team and collaborate with his new creative colleagues.

Gary currently lives in Denver (also his birthplace), where he’s raising his daughter. Together they make art, and enjoy Colorado's outdoor offerings by frequently camping and snowboarding.

DJO headshot

David Obuchowski
David Obuchowski is a Colorado-based writer and musician. He has over 15 years of experience as a copywriter, and his clients include household names such as Schwab, Capital One, Credit Suisse, Hachette Book Group, Verizon, and many others. His specialties includes web copy, emails, taglines, white papers, articles, and far more. As a by-lined writer, he's had features published by The Daily Beast, Gawker, Deadspin, and was recently commissioned for a story by This American Life. David also has an active career in music, where he plays guitar in the internationally touring and critically acclaimed band Publicist UK (Relapse Records). He is also the co-founder, guitarist, and singer of longtime indie/post-metal band, Goes Cube (formerly of Warner Music Group, The End Records, Coextinction Recordings, and now Old Flame Records and Greenway Records). In addition to side projects, David has also expanded his music resume to include scoring. Notably, he has scored (and continues to score) videos produced by the TED organization.


Jason Lovejoy
Jason Lovejoy is one of the talented artists at Crahmanti who designs and creates installations. A graduate of Oregon State University, Jason was the Visual Manager at Macy's for seven years, and Presentation Specialist at REI for three years. As a freelancer Visual Merchandising Specialist, he's proud to have worked with such firms as Columbia, Mountain Hardwear, And Prana on special events, installs, and seasonal line launches. Born in Bremerton, Washington but raised on a quaint farm in rural Oregon Jason now resides in Bend, Oregon. Jason's passions include jewelry fabrication, oil painting, kayaking, cycling, creating comics, a completely harmless and totally normal obsession with Paul Bunyan and Bigfoot.

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Motion and Graphic Design Installations.


Graphic Design, Motion Design, and Exhibit Design.

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