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June 2021

Many years ago I began my journey into motion and design… I had no idea where it would lead, I just wanted a creative career that would support me financially. I started off in startups and the corporate world aiming for stability full of innocence and hope. The startup bro culture beat me up and spit me out. I spent a long time reevaluating my purpose in the tech field. As a humanitarian, my impact small and large matters to me. I wasn’t being given the promotions I had earned, working 7 days a week 10–12 hours a day, my future was

It’s been awhile since I sent out a note to the universe. Life has been taking me on a straight forward journey into learning about hard choices. Doing the right thing, taking care of myself, knowing the difference between setting a boundary, the repercussions of setting said boundary and taking on someone else’s burden. Where do I start and where do other people begin? When do I want to engage in the giant web of community in which we are all united and when do I want to collect myself and remember who I am? Being an artist is a rough business. It’s