April 24, 2023

AI, Let’s Get into it.

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AI, Let’s Get into it.

For the past year, I’ve been working and experimenting with AI. As a small business looking for ways to stay competitive, it is clear to me that in the next two years, employers will expect AI fluency. What fascinates me about AI is its language-driven nature, as I have always been passionate about language. For the past 11 years, before delving into the creative process, I develop my ideas and concepts through written stories. Some may find the language-to-image process tedious, I am curious to see how different forms of learning and creativity adapt to this emerging technology, especially for kinesthetic creators.

Regularly, trolls attack my posts as I share my experiments with AI. Blaming me personally for the integration of AI into our lives over the past seven years, responding with fear, outrage, insults, and accusations undermining my training and abilities in the creative industry. Regardless of how you feel about the tech sector, AI will inevitably become part of our processes; unless you are independently wealthy or retired, there is no escape. The genie is out of the bottle, and the financial advantage for corporations and businesses embracing AI is too significant to ignore.

Emotionally venting to random strangers may provide a sense of justification in the short term, it is an ineffectual approach to influence change. If we want to help shape our society, I recommend joining like-minded groups. As mentors or educators, we have the potential to integrate the new while preserving the fundamentals of what constitutes a good artist/designer and encouraging critical thinking and experimentation. Ultimately, we are being controlled by the tech giants, dictating how we work, communicate, socialize, and create.

AI mirrors our society, learning from our history, art, thinkers, writers, social hierarchies, and values. It reveals our flaws, and how we discriminate with astonishing speed and accuracy. Like humanity itself, AI possesses the potential for positive revolution and exponential progress, but also for the darkest and most destructive future. We have the opportunity to leverage AI to advance medicine, help with water shortages and climate issues, solve the trash/plastic problem or destroy everything. Humanity is at an inflection point… Regardless of your stance, I am open to discussing the potential outcomes of AI. The greater variety of opinions and voices, the better the outcome, as humanity moves into the era of artificial superintelligence.