November 23, 2021

Career Gratitude

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There is so much for be grateful for. Every moment of generosity, every door opened, every moment of wisdom offered, each expression of love, the miracle of growth, the mystery of creativity, the wonder of our natural world.

Today, I remind myself that obstacles are opportunities waiting to teach me and the place where growth is waiting to happen. What would happen if I just let the fear go? Today I spoke on a panel with my design hero’s, spoke too fast with a trembling voice… what would happen if I decided it was worth it, instead of beating myself up for being nervous? What if I finally allowed myself to fail, and allowed my imperfections to be seen and still believed I had something to offer? What would happen if I stood infront of you, just as I am, without feeling the need to impress you, have your approval or prove my worthiness?

You gain strength by working through problems

-Ann Willoughby

Today with deep gratitude to all of the mentor’s in my life who keep encouraging me to step forward, to be seen, to give everything to the world I have been waiting so long to share but lacked the confidence. Your mentoring is having a profound effect, your work matters, you are changing the world one person at a time.