July 5, 2021

Goodbye 2020

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2020 began with a bang, lots of projects…seeds planted years ago were bearing fruit…I was excited!  And then…boom….all projects cancelled. Including a projected donor wall for an art museum in Denver that I was so excited to build.

Trying to stay calm, I took long walks in nature, finished some books and did some deep soul searching. Every aspect of my life was in chaos….like a star exploding into an dark, inky unknown universe that had yet to be born.

And born it was… Unexpectedly, Ivar Zeile founder of Denver Digerati tapped me for a commission in conjunction with Night Lights Denver, grouped with a collection of artists I honestly was awestruck to have my name next to. Not only did this opportunity move me in a new direction, but it gave me a giant platform…and I had a lot I wanted to say. To my surprise, the way people identified me changed, I dove into this project like my life depended on it. And just like that, my career trajectory completely changed, my priorities changed, what I wanted changed.  I found my voice, I FOUND MY VOICE!

Some days were so difficult, the couch and netflix were my constant companions… I found myself oscillating between hyper focus/productivity and a fog so thick I didn’t know who I was.

Still, despite everything BND DSGN 2020 moved forward taking a strong stand against racism and tyranny.  The conference translated 5 years of in person, collaborative creative community into an on-line experience. The speakers were kind and generous, the leadership of Rene Mitchell and Martha Murray were steady and focused. Despite all of the obstacles, the conference  had a fantastic turnout. Though usually camera shy I jumped at the once in a lifetime opportunity to interview Meredith Monk and James Victore. As part of the BND DSGN programming, Debbie Millman interviewed the iconic designer Laurie Haycock Makela on her podcast Design Matters, Laurie’s story of resilience touched me so deeply it changed my definition of strength. I was humbled by both women’s willingness to give their time and expertise in a time when their skillset was in high demand.

Artists were stepping up, all over the world, going on line, bringing communities together, lifting us up with music, poetry, art, interviews and conversations. Keeping our minds focused and helping us to process the collective and personal grief. I took this opportunity to dig into a passion project that I had been mulling over for two years…and am in the middle of editing as I write this.  A big thank you to Gabe Ratliff for his tremendous support and mentorship💪❤️💪

The premise:

Many years ago, I went through several difficult experiences with misogyny, tech and the world of motion. I was blocked over and over from the career I wanted and had trained for.

Fearing for my safety, I went underground for years..hiding who I was, my power, my talent…I was miserable…

Finally, four years ago, I decided it was time to stop hiding and speak out about what I had experienced. I made my first public post on twitter and have continued to document my process on medium, keeping a virtual diary of my trial and tribulations as I attempt to create the life I’ve always dreamed of.
It was my first post on Medium and a long love affair with the work of Joseph Campbell that inspired the project I am currently working on, and launching (hopefully) in a couple of weeks.

This new endeavor is called Mixed MetaFour, a soundscape/interview/podcast limited to 12 interviews.

“What happens when you have to be the hero of your own story? Mixed MetaFour focuses on exploring the different stages of the “Hero’s Journey” as we speak with artists, designers and brave explorers of life carving out their place in the world.”

I can’t say that I’m not apprehensive about 2021…but I know, that I am not alone and am so grateful to the communities, artists and individuals that have come together. I am so grateful to my clients and colleagues. Thank you for so much love and support through 2020.
Interviews from 2020Heather Crank interviewed by Denver Digertai’s Ivar Zeile Heather Crank interviewed by Tameca Coleman’s  “Covid Chronicles Coffee Chat”