June 30, 2021

Steady and Quiet

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Not everyone has earth shattering success. I am one of those people…my growth has been steady and quiet…I’ve spent my life learning, mostly invisible to the outside world.

I’ve made EVERY mistake in the book…tumbled though the business world before mentors and life coaches were a thing…it’s taken me a lot longer, the obstacles ferocious but not as ferocious as the passionate drive in my mind and heart, the compass I return to again and again. My drive has tempered into a deep love of freedom and authenticity. I’ve reordered my priorities and watched my adversaries grow and change their paths and minds…life is complicated and simple. As we grow perspective changes, the anger wears out…and we are all faced with what our choices leave behind…we live with our choices.

I’ve chased money, I’ve chased security, I’ve had my deepest desires disintegrate while I stood at the precipice of what I wanted, i’ve been intentionally blocked, threatened, bullied and shamed, been the focus of malicious gossip…but here I am still standing..larger in spirit, completely fearless… in the end…at the end of all of this energy and effort…all that is left is a mirror of how we made the people we encounter feel, how we contributed, what our efforts leave in an echoing trail that will slowly fade into oblivion.

I am so grateful to all of the unsung hero’s, all of you working behind the scenes to give someone a chance to change their life, to lift someone up who couldn’t have done it on their own because the burden they carried was too heavy, I am so grateful to pain, I am so grateful to all of my enemies for showing me who I really am and what kind of strength I really possess…I am so grateful to all of the mishaps and wrong turns and all of the unexpected outcomes that that have brought me so much wisdom. Wherever you are in your journey, whatever part of “you” that you are facing, discovering embracing rejecting…the opportunity is always grow…

Be your own hero.